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The origins of Krak-Tol date back to 1993, when it started as hardware traders and then diversified into food products, which was to become our main activity. In 2001 we bought machinery to produce mechanically separated/deboned pork and poultry meat, soon followed by the purchase of equipment for 3mm BAADER meat.

Poland's accession to the EU has created new opportunities for the company as well as imposing significant requirements with regards to the quality and standards of food production, leading to the introduction and implementation of the HACCP management system. Further work is currently underway to implement new quality systems. A stable workforce with long-standing experience in food production allows us to ensure high product standards in keeping with the European quality requirements and to the clear satisfaction of consumers.

Krak-Tol is licensed to export mechanically deboned meat to the UE countries, to the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Kosovo, Albania, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Ukraine and Cuba.

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